Focused on Heavy Electric Vehicle Technologies

Between now and next-generation is Nexteal.

The energy sector is in the midst of a dynamic and monumental transition that will fundamentally change the power sector on a global scale. NexTeal is creating an immediate solution to mitigate carbon emissions through strategic investment in and management of visionary companies imbedded in the renewable energy, electric vehicle, and natural gas sectors.

NexTeal recognizes that a bridge is needed to ease the transition to a cleaner energy future. Natural gas burns blue, the future is green, and the immediate solution is a mixture of both: TEAL.

NexTeal is the transition, the bridge, the immediate solution.

NexTeal Features & Advantages

NexTeal houses Principal Solar’s EV investments, including its subsidiary partnership with eTruck Transportation

NexTeal is uniquely positioned to invest in and guide the growth of innovative technologies and organizations in the electric vehicle sector

NexTeal’s proven funding model enables maximum value for its stakeholders

NexTeal Investments

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