IPLTech Electric:
Fully-Electric Heavy Vehicles

IPLTech Electric, located in Faridabad, India, is an innovative developer of pure electric, heavy duty commercial goods carriers with wide-ranging applications in mines, ports, infrastructure development, construction, and inter-warehouse goods transportation.

IPLTech Electric Company Overview Video

IPLTech has pioneered several industry-first initiatives including just-in-time delivery of construction materials, deployment of electric trucks, and the successful rollout of a driver app.

IPLTech Electric:
Fully Electric Heavy Vehicles Now in Commercial Operation

Rhino 5536 Heavy EV

IPLTech has commercially launched its Rhino 5536 (55 metric ton gross vehicle weight) heavy electric vehicle in India, which has the some of the world’s highest diesel fuel taxes and the lowest power taxes. Operators are experiencing real-world margins that are four-five times higher than conventional diesel trucks. Each Rhino in operation represents the carbon equivalent savings of 5,600 trees.

Prototype for North American Markets

Principal has entered into a MOU with IPLTech to develop a manufacturing-ready prototype fully-electric heavy vehicle for sale in North American markets. In exchange for its investment in IPLT, Principal will receive a combination of exclusive and non-exclusive rights to commercialize IPLT’s proprietary technologies.

IPLTech Electric Product Showcase

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