eTruck Transportation:
Hybrid Electric Heavy Vehicle Conversions

eTruck Transportation, located in Omaha, Nebraska, designs and manufactures hybrid electric vehicle conversion systems that save in fuel consumption, resulting in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, maintenance, and operating costs.

eTruck Transportation Class 8 Hybrid EV Conversion Demo Drive Video

Its Class 6 and Class 8 hybrid electric vehicles are able to replace conventional diesel trucks without sacrificing range, functionality, or performance.

eTruck Transportation:
Delivering Tomorrow’s Heavy EV Technology Today

Efficiency Without Limitations

Because eTruck’s conversions utilize a hybrid system, the converted trucks are not restricted to routes with charging stations.

Savings Through Simplicity

eTruck removes the diesel engine and replaces it with a specially-designed electric motor linked directly to the original transmission. This conversion process reduces the fuel consumption and carbon output of each truck.

Proprietary & Practical

All the components used in the eTruck system are currently produced by well-known international companies. The method in which these components are utilized distinguishes eTruck’s proprietary conversion process in the EV marketplace.

The Future, Today

eTruck is fulfilling the need NOW of converting heavy-duty trucks from running on diesel only to a hybrid diesel-electric system. Retrofitting existing vehicles is also more cost effective than purchasing a brand-new fleet of EV trucks.

Heavy Electric Vehicles:
A Near-term Market Opportunity for eTruck

There are currently 11.7 million eighteen-wheelers in operation around the world with an average fuel economy of 5.5 MPG. eTruck’s technology can allow these trucks to reach 14 MPG.

eTruck’s technology is engineered to enable transportation and logistics companies to quickly and easily transition their existing fleets from diesel to hybrid electric vehicles without the long development timelines typically required to engineer completely new platforms. Instead of an R&D process that would typically result in a multi-year timeframe from design to delivery, eTrucks intends to begin delivering road-ready heavy electric vehicles.

eTruck Product & Technology Showcase

Learn more about eTruck Transportation.

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