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Energy Transition with Intention

Principal Solar: Conscious Investment Opportunities

Delivering Transition
with Intention

Principal Solar was created to be the bridge between today’s traditional and evolving energy needs and a clean, renewable energy future. Principal recognizes that the transition to fully renewable energy will be a process – and that potential opportunities to realize value exist along the way.

Proven Executive Leadership in Energy

Principal’s executive management team has proven operational and leadership experience in energy with more than $1 billion in asset management throughout their careers. 

Transforming Liabilities into Profitable Assets

Principal Solar is actively and successfully transforming abandoned wells, a burden to taxpayers, into profit-generating assets, simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of new drills, mitigating environmental impact, and saving taxpayer dollars.

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K. Bryce Toussaint, MBA, CPA
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Investor Relations Contact

Michael Briola

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