Low-cost, Environmentally-friendly Oil Recovery Solutions

Tokata Oil Recovery Systems designs and manufactures TORS, an innovative oil recovery production system for marginal and stripper wells. TORS is a turnkey, fully integrated, portable oil recovery platform that can be deployed quickly and economically to recover oil from previously producing oil wells with known reserves.

Tokata Oil Recovery System (TORS) Introduction Video

TORS does not pull up measurable amounts of water; therefore, costly oil-water separation is not necessary – nor is there a need for expensive on-site remediation of hydrocarbon-laced water.

Tokata Oil Recovery Systems:
Making Abandoned Wells Viable Again

Mitigating Environmental Impact

By leaving oil-mixed water in the ground, TORS is therefore potentially able to avoid what has long been an unavoidable, expensive, and toxic barrier to achieving meaningful economical returns from marginal and otherwise economically-distressed wells.

Huge Application Potential

Principal’s preliminary research has shown that TORS has the potential to work profitably on thousands of dormant wells. Principal has and continues to invest in and acquire under-valued, marginalized properties that are expected to become economically viable when its TORS system is deployed for petroleum recovery.

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