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Green IT aims to minimize the negative impact of IT operations on the environment by designing, manufacturing, operating and disposing of computers and computer-related products in an environmentally-friendly manner. The motives behind green IT practices include reducing the use of hazardous materials, maximizing energy efficiency during the product’s lifetime and promoting the biodegradability of unused and outdated products.

The concept of green IT emerged in 1992 when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched Energy Star, a voluntary labeling program that helps organizations save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying products that offer superior energy efficiency. Other components of green IT include the redesign of data centers and the growing popularity of virtualizationgreen networking and cloud computing.

Principal Solar and Apollo LTMS / Intellimedia

Principal Solar and Apollo LTMS plan to develop content to aid in the adaptation of “Green” Technologies in the worlds of commerce, marketing, promotions, and support with next-generation electronic tools intended to facilitate highly immersive, energy-efficient, virtual distance learning platforms, thereby easily and immediately facilitating crucial knowledge transfer. The platform is initially expected to utilize interactive communications and remote training capabilities to support the internal integration of Principal Solar’s subsidiaries and portfolio companies.

Principal has recently entered into a collaborative agreement with IntelliMedia Networks Inc. to jointly develop a Global Virtual Environment Summit Platform with the express goal of reducing the carbon footprint of in-person summits while preserving the impact of the experience for attendees. The companies are also collaborating to provide educational awareness programming targeted to African viewers around the world.

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