Double H:
Servicing the Biggest Names in Oil & Gas.

Double H Services provides oilfield services, trucking, and logistical support services. The company’s oilfield services include laydown machines, pipe racks, forklifting, and pipe hauling.

Double H Services Laydown Machine Operation Video

With over 15 years of local expertise, Double H is known for its ability to save its clients and partners time and money in the oilfield and has long-term service contracts with over 16 major oil and gas companies including Devon, Chesapeake, and XTO.

Double H Services:
Bringing Quality, Efficiency, and Effectiveness to the Oilfield

Laydown Machines

Laydown machines speed up the process of pulling and laying casing without increasing the risk of injury, thereby enabling operators to realize quick ROI, reduce headcount, lower the risk of exposure, and outsource for better efficiency. Double H Services laydown equipment is the highest quality, most cost effective, and efficient available.

Principal’s Partner in the Oklahoma Oil Patch

Principal has invested in Double H in order to facilitate its entry and operations into the oil patch in Oklahoma. 

Double H is expected to be a future customer of heavy electric vehicles from eTruck Transportation and IPLTech.

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